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Myths About Process Servers and the Truth Behind Them

There are about 40 million lawsuits filed in the USA every year. When legal action is charged against a person, they are supplied with multiple documents. When law firms need to look for someone and deliver these documents, a process server can do the job. It is their responsibility to track down a person and provide them with a notice of legal action and other important documentation. These are some of the misconceptions about process servers and the truth behind them.

Pass Legal Documents to the Person Being Serves

The process servers can put down the documents if the individual being served declined them. In cases like this, they will describe the nature of the legal documents before leaving. It is considered served when the process servers explain their purpose to the person and they can leave as long as the documents are placed in an accessible area.

They Wear Disguises

It is uncommon for process servers to wear clothes like someone else for the purpose of completing their job. Most individuals have an idea that legal documents are on their way.

It is a Risky Job

Another myth is that they have a dangerous job. It is not a risky one by nature. They are usually warmhearted people that are trained to do their job and behave in a professional manner.

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